<aside> ❤️ akiyaDAO is a community-driven project to purchase and renovate a 300 year old home in rural Japan, transforming an empty shell into a vibrant omni-maker space for builders, creatives and dreamers.


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akiyaDAO Manifesto


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Core Values of Akiya


1. Adventure

Life is an adventure, we believe in living it to the fullest. While each individual has their own purpose in life, we’ve found that new places, people and projects are the best way to build and discover your passion.

2. Community

The power of community is most potent when manifested in the physical. We’re building a diverse, global community of talented individuals and bringing them together in exceptional spaces around the world, beginning with rural Japan.



3. Creative Genesis

akiyaDAO is all about creation. We began by creating a community. Now we’re creating a physical space. In this space, true creation will be unleashed - technology, art, culture, friendship, architecture, beauty, agriculture, governance, philosophy and ultimately, a genuine sense of belonging.

Our Mission Begins in Japan

By 2030, one third of all homes in Japan will be vacant.

An aging population and the concentration of youth in urban areas have caused a massive housing crisis, threatening to transform the vast Japanese countryside into a veritable ghost town.

We will purchase and renovate one of these 空き家 (akiya - “empty home”), breathing life back into a beautiful, culturally rich region of Japan.

This home will serve as a headquarters for our vibrant community of highly skilled global citizens, bringing economic opportunity, innovative practices, and cultural exchange to the area.